Locating and treating the Tensor Fascia Latae

The TFL-Tensor Fascia Latae is a prominent leg muscle, and is one of the leg muscles that make up the upper and outer thigh . Its origin where is starts from the iliac crest and posterior to the A.S.I.S Anterior Superior Iliac Spine…the top of your hip bone. It’s insertion where it attaches to,  is at the iliotibial tract or  ITband. That’s that nice tight part of your out leg that starts from the knee and goes up midway outer thigh. The TFL is not a very big muscle, but with the right movement you can locate it during palpation and work the area effectively. You can find this muscle by laying on your back slightly raise your leg up or standing up  move leg forward and rotate. The muscle has a ropy feel to it.


Your TFL is vigorously activated when:

  • running
  • bicycling
  • squatting
  • raising your leg to get in your car
  • mid-air side kick

The tensor fasciae latae is a hip flexor and abductor muscle; it assists in moving the hip forward and outward. Rotating the hips inward is another action the TFL muscle does. Because it’s used for so many movements and is in a shortened position when seated, the TFL becomes tight easily.

TFL stretching is important as it lengthens the muscle.

tensor-fasciae-latae-stretch TFL stretchTFL ITB stretch


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